by Olivia Frank

Olivia Frank knows the truth and is not afraid to expose those who seek to hide it. This is her disturbing account of one of the biggest political scandals of our time. Olivia’s sensational memoirs are compelling. Her first hand account of British Secret Service operations, which annihilated the lives of innocent members of the public and the exposure of a Serious Fraud Office scam, is profoundly shocking

A troubled childhood led Olivia on a journey to the Middle East. She experienced a carousel of love, tragedy and torment. As she witnessed their plight, Olivia shared the anguish of the Palestinians. Upon her return to England, an innocent woman, MI5 had her cruelly jailed in a men’s prison on fabricated charges. Blaming himself for her imprisonment, Olivia’s father committed suicide and her mother lost the will to live. Released from prison, MI6 recruited Olivia to play the leading role in an undercover plot to destroy one of the wealthiest men in Britain. It led to the false imprisonment of a banker. As investigative television journalists covertly filmed her movements, Olivia’s mission led her to a secret summit with a fugitive tycoon in exotic Istanbul.

Poignant and explosive, a gripping narrative, explicit and full of pace, Olivia travels through Nice and Istanbul as she takes on the British Establishment. A lonely quest for justice, taut and relentless, Naked Spygirl has received due critical acclaim.

"Exciting" – Sunday Newspaper Journalist.
"Vivid and evocative" – London Literary Critic.

"Tragic, yet compelling" – New Scotland Yard Special Branch Detective.
"Not just an insight into the more exclusive world of espionage…The widest possible readership is essential, it has something for everyone" – Television Producer Peter Salkeld.
© Olivia Frank 2013 - all rights reserved

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